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Trichy Airport undergoing upgradation to offer better services

Posted : 05 May 2022 05:36:56 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Trichy Airport undergoing upgradation to offer better services

Airports Authority of India has undertaken the expansion work of Trichy Airport which includes Construction of a New Integrated Passenger Terminal Building, a new Apron, Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower, and upgradation of Air side facilities to cater the growing passenger traffic and reduce congestion during peak hours at the airport. 

The new terminal building being constructed at the cost of Rs.951.28 Crores has been designed to process 2900 passengers during peak hours. Equipped with 48 check-in counters and 10 boarding bridges, the terminal will be an energy efficient building with sustainable features. 

With an area of 75000 sq m, the new terminal building has been designed as an iconic structure of dynamic and dramatic building form with majestic roof. The interiors of the building reflect the colors and culture of the city through materials and textures in a contemporary manner. 

The intuitive form of the new terminal will create a unique architectural identity in southern region and will add a new dimension to the terminal design. Strong references to the local culture and traditional architecture will be expressed by the building’s architecture. Arriving and departing passengers will sense this identity and reference to the place. 

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