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Bhutan taps in the power of local festivals to drive tourism, economic growth

Posted : 11 September 2023 02:53:57 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Bhutan taps in the power of local festivals to drive tourism, economic growth

Bhutan's regional mushroom festivals have reignited community spirits as in addition to being exciting events are also powerful drivers for tourism and the development of the economies of the communities they represent and have grown popular over the years, Bhutan Live reported.

Next month's Bhutan Royal Highland Festival will be a great example of this occurrence. This event draws thousands of visitors, both locals and tourists and offers residents of Laya and other highland areas a vibrant platform to share their diverse cultures and customs. It's not just a party; it's also a place to make important personal and professional connections.

 A crucial issue has emerged, though, and that is the requirement for greater community ownership of these festivals. This very ownership has the power to give these incidents new life and make them into enduring pillars of prosperity.

Local festival organizers, like many other industries, have been struggling with a lack of funding, which poses a serious obstacle to the continuation of these cherished events. Although the financial situation is a challenge, we should be motivated to overcome it by the Bhutanese values of community and national service, Bhutan Live reported.

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