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Saudi Arabia keen to transform country’s tourism sector, partners with UNWTO

Posted : 12 October 2021 08:39:40 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Saudi Arabia keen to transform country’s tourism sector, partners with UNWTO

UNWTO and Neom, a planned tourist destination, have partnered for a new initiative focused on the future of tourism in Saudi Arabia. Located in northwest Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea, NEOM is ideally situated at the crossroads of the world, comprising a total area of 26,500 km².

The ‘Tourism Experiences of the Future’ challenge will source innovative ideas and disruptive business models related to the tourism needs of the future, in line with growing demand for new experiences. All proposals must be aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and should include the introduction or adaptation of digital and technological elements, as well as being focused at least one of the following areas:

 Optimizing and maximizing the potential of experiential tourism
 Harnessing the positive impact of new technology
 Alternative business models
 Innovative experiences

The competition is the first national initiative dedicated to identifying new companies that will lead the tourism sector’s transformation in Saudi Arabia. As well as established businesses, the competition also welcomes applications from Saudi Arabian start-ups and innovators with ideas capable of revolutionizing and inspiring tourists by presenting new ways and reasons to travel. Applications are open until 24 October, with great interest expected, and participants must be Saudi citizens with legal capacity to enter into a contract. Successful projects will be selected based on various criteria, such as the degree of innovation, their viability and sustainability.

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