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Six Senses Tel Aviv to open in iconic Golden Triangl

Posted : 24 January 2023 07:48:26 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Six Senses Tel Aviv to open in iconic Golden Triangl

On the sandy shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is a city of contrasts, blending vibrant nightlife and classic art, Bauhaus and skyscrapers, and heritage and innovation, the latter ranking second only to Silicon Valley in terms of its start-up ecosystem.

Nowhere else, therefore, will Six Senses Tel Aviv feel more at home, with its mix of five 110-year-old preservation buildings and sophisticated LEED Platinum sustainability standards for the new tower.

The original five buildings date back to 1909 – the early days of Tel Aviv as the world now knows it –and are the best remaining heritage of the Ahuzat Bayit settlement, the first in the city. They will be joined together at the edge of Rothschild Boulevard to stretch across an entire city block between the prestigious Rothschild, Herzel, and Lilienblum Streets. Together they are considered the largest and most important preservation project in Tel Aviv.

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