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India- Norway join hands for a GREEN MARITIME SECTOR

Posted : 18 November 2022 08:31:48 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

India- Norway join hands for a GREEN MARITIME SECTOR

 MoPSW (Ministry of Ports,Shipping and Waterways)  is working diligently to develop the Maritime Sector as a goal of MIV 2030. In this regard 8th Norway-India Joint Working Group Maritime meeting was held on17th November,2022 in Mumbai.

India-Norway Joint Working Group on Maritime meetings are being held on a regular basis. In 8th JWG Maritime Meeting held on 18.11.2022 discussion was held on use of alternative fuels like green ammonia and hydrogen for futuristic shipping. Norwegian Green Shipping Programme has been successful and the experience and expertise was shared in the meeting. Norway stated that it is committed to India for zero emission solutions.

India Norway is part of Green Voyage 2050 project, both parties agreed on willingness, devotion, partnership and capacity building for achieving common goals.

India is a signatory to Hongkong Convention for Recycling of Ships. In today’s meeting India requested that EU regulation should not hinder to recycling non-European countries which is compliant as per International Convention. Norway was requested not to prolong Ship recycling to India as lot of investment has been made by Indian recyclers.

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