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Ministry of Tourism organises ‘CEO roundtable on Sustainable Tourism’

Posted : 29 November 2022 07:07:16 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Ministry of Tourism organises ‘CEO roundtable on Sustainable Tourism’

In alignment with the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism and with an objective to enhance engagement and participation of industry stakeholders in transition of the tourism sector towards sustainability pathway, the Ministry of Tourism, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Responsible Tourism Society of India (RTSOI), organised a ‘CEO roundtable on Sustainable Tourism’ last week.

The round table aimed to enhance awareness of industry stakeholders on national and global priorities for sustainable tourism and to share and promote best practices on sustainable tourism. The round table followed and drew linkages with the following three important initiatives on sustainable tourism, which was signed by participants, with an objective to accelerate sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in tourism policies and practices for addressing the triple planetary crisis and accelerate low carbon, climate resilient and green economic transformation of the tourism sector.

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