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Search for wedding venues shoots up 39% as India closes wedding season on a high

Posted : 24 January 2023 08:49:46 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Search for wedding venues shoots up 39% as India closes wedding  season on a high

This wedding season,, India’s largest online platform offering wedding venues and related services, witnessed a 39% increase in search for venues in the last month of the quarter ending in December 2022 versus the previous quarter ending in September 2022.

Mumbai has shown the highest interest in wedding venue searches, followed by Delhi and Kolkata. The recovery in sentiment is full, as demonstrated by the December 2022 trend, which is a 29% jump in interest versus the last pre-Covid December which was in 2019.

Aditya Sharma, Business Head,, said: “The increased interest in wedding venue searches is indicative of the big shift the industry is currently undergoing. The digitization wave has turned this albeit traditional industry into a consumer-first digital marketplace. ‘Remote’ planning or ‘Plan from anywhere’ has enabled even the conventionally run businesses to connect, collaborate and seamlessly deliver on their services. After a long period of lull, the industry is on high gear, to deliver not just on the pent-up demand but also create solutions for the new-age couple. Needless to say, the wed-tech marriage is here to stay.”

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