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Spotlight at Monaco for the successful MYS 2021

Posted : 19 October 2021 09:41:07 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Spotlight at Monaco for the successful MYS 2021

The French Riviera state recently saw the successful conclusion of the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) 2021. In a new format, the world’s leading exhibition of superyachts appeared more diverse than ever. While 300 exhibitors and a maximum of 90 yachts had originally been announced, the 2021 MYS featured 440 exhibitors and 101 superyachts, half of which were launched in 2020 and 2021. The event was attended by over 19,000 visitors, a reduced number in comparison to earlier editions, the event increasingly focused on specific profiles and thereby facilitating connections between exhibitors and their targeted clientele. The MYS also benefitted from more clear-cut themed exhibition areas, thus improving the visitors’ experience. 

Gaëlle Tallarida, General Director of the MYS, said, “We worked alongside stakeholders from across the industry in order to put on a show that meets the latter’s expectations and, more specifically, those of their clientele. The 2021 MYS appears to have benefited from the excitement spurred by this reunion, as well as from the favourable state of the market, with an increase in yacht sales over the last 18 months: clients have turned to yachting to escape the gloomy context that the pandemic has brought about and the frustration of having their freedom restricted. Therefore, 2021 has been a win-win for everyone involved in yachting. Thanks to the steering committee founded this year, we intend to pursue our collaboration in order to further improve the MYS for the 2022 edition”.

The day before the show, the 5th edition of the Monaco Yacht Summit - which has become a yearly staple here - welcomed some sixty owners, charterers and future buyers (or their representatives) in a positively confidential setup. Before visiting the show, the following day, participants had the opportunity to talk with various speakers, designers, brokers and builders, gleaning essential information in order to safely embark on their yacht construction, chartering or purchasing projects. Among the new additions to the 2021 MYS, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub offered visitors a better understanding of a custom yacht’s construction process and a look into the future of superyacht design.

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