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Tourism activities are in full swing in Kerala Minister

Posted : 18 September 2023 11:48:33 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Tourism activities are in full swing in Kerala Minister

Tourism activities across Kerala are moving ahead safely and normally with all events, including the latest edition of Champions Boat League (CBL), taking place as per schedule, marking the commencement of the high inbound season, Tourism Minister P.A. Mohamed Riyas said on Sunday (September 17).

The situation is well under control in a few pockets of Kozhikode district from where some cases of Nipah virus infection were reported, thanks to the co-ordinated and foolproof containment measures taken on a war footing, the Minister said. The tourism minister who is camping in Kozhikode, his home turf, to closely monitor the situation along with Health Minister Veena George, said there is no room for worry on this count.

Tourism Department officials are in close touch with the stakeholders of tourism and hospitality stakeholders and the feedback is that all tourism activities are on track as planned, the Minister said. In the affected area the government has mobilised the medical community and the health infrastructure in full strength. Localised quarantine zones have been demarcated and all precautions are in place. The strong and timely interventions have started yielding results.

Given the State’s strong health sector infrastructure and history of effective interventions during the past medical emergencies, Kerala has always remained a safe destination for tourists, and the situation is no different now, Riyas said.

Kerala Tourism has come out unscathed from serious crises in the past as well, like natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic. Kerala Tourism is poised to scale new heights by the year-end, having clinched an all-time high record of 20.1 per cent increase in domestic arrivals in the first half of the year, added the Minister.

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