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Tourism now is all about experience: Amitabh Kant

Posted : 18 September 2023 11:51:49 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Tourism now is all about experience: Amitabh Kant

India is positioned at the forefront of global economic growth, poised to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2027, said Amitabh Kant, former CEO of Niti Aayog, at the inaugural session of the 10th Indian Heritage Hotels Convention being held at the Tijara Fort in Alwar.

Addressing the session as the chief guest, Kant said the primary engine driving this growth within the local economy is tourism. “Tourism is also key to achieving equitable growth. Tourism today has moved beyond elitism and lavish 5-star accommodations and instead focuses on providing unique experiences. Heritage hotels are pivotal in this paradigm shift, as they redefine the concept of luxury and create unique and memorable experiences for visitors,” he said.

As per a story published in The Statesman, Kant also emphasised the importance of revitalising a place’s cultural heritage by breathing life into its roots.

“Traditional art forms, cuisines, architecture, and more should be actively promoted as distinctive products. The government, in this regard, should play the role of a catalyst, facilitating these efforts and ensuring the provision of last-mile connectivity. However, the responsibility for the operation and management of these ventures should rest with private partners,” he said.

President of Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA), Gaj Singh, said that IHHA with its more than 200 members is a unique organisation and is willing to promote India as a unique heritage destination. Sustainable preservation is one of the important aspirations for the future of heritage tourism, he added.

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