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Cleartrip launches ‘Passports are MeantForMore’

Posted : 17 August 2022 10:23:31 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Cleartrip launches ‘Passports are MeantForMore’

Cleartrip, India’s fastest-growing online travel technology company, is encouraging travellers to rediscover the world with its latest digital film - Passports are #MeantForMore. The digital film focuses on passports not being utilised for their true purpose of travel but instead being used as identification documents.

Personifying passports and their unfulfilled dream of visa stamps and seeing the world, the initiative aims at building a humorous yet impactful narrative around an angsty passport and its desire to rediscover the world and connect people to build happy stories and memories. 

Speaking about the digital film, Kunal Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer at Cleartrip, said: “India ranks third in the world after China and the US in issuing passports. That said, for the last two years, people have been confined to their homes and screens, missing out on real human connections, devoid of exploring new places, and enjoying the idea of travel. This digital film is a concerted effort by Cleartrip to reconnect with travellers and urge them to use their passports beyond just an identification proof document.”

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