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Posted : 27 May 2023 02:45:40 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau partners with AlUla Tourism to promote the destination in India, a leading online travel company in India, has partnered with the Royal Commission for AlUla to promote one of Saudi Arabia's hidden gems in the Indian market.

As per a story published in The Hindustan Times, with’s expertise in travel planning and the Royal Commission for AlUla's commitment to preserving the region's heritage, this partnership promises to offer visitors a truly authentic experience of Saudi Arabia's fascinating history and culture.

Rajat Suri, CBO India, said, “Our partnership with The Royal Commission for AlUla aims to showcase the beauty and cultural richness of this hidden gem of Saudi Arabia which offers a truly authentic experience for Indians looking for the perfect mix of history and natural beauty combined with exclusive shopping experiences and luxurious resorts”.

Beena Menon, Representative India - Royal Commission for AlUla, said, “AlUla has grown in popularity with Indian tourists due to its rich historical and archaeological sites. AlUla also has stunning natural scenery, with its sandstone canyons and rich oasis, making it a perfect location for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. As a whole, AlUla offers a one-of-a-kind and enriching vacation experience for Indian travellers interested in adventure, history, culture, and natural beauty. We are very excited to be working with Musafir to bring visitors to AlUla so that they can witness AlUla's beauty and charm for themselves. Through our partnership, we are committed to providing exceptional service and making our visitors' stay unforgettable”.

Located in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia, AlUla is one of the most interesting destinations in the Middle East. Given its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, AlUla has remained relatively unknown to the outside world, making this location a true hidden gem where travellers can explore the city's ancient ruins and monuments, including thhoke tombs of the Lihyanite kings and the Nabataean city of Hegra, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

One of the striking features of AlUla is its breathtaking natural beauty. The region has towering sandstone cliffs, rolling dunes, and lush green oases and is perfect for anyone looking to combine natural beauty with thrilling adventures like hot-air balloons, cruising in vintage vehicles in the desert or roughing it out while rock climbing and ziplining at high speeds over the terrains. One can also explore the area on horseback or a camel safari, thereby experiencing the traditional modes of transportation used here for centuries.

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