Air India temporarily suspends Tel Aviv flights

air india suspends flight to tel aviv

Air India on April 14 decided to temporarily suspend flights to Tel Aviv amid escalating tensions between Israel and Iran. Air India operates four weekly flights between the national capital and Israeli city.

The Tata group-owned carrier recommenced services to Tel Aviv on March 3 after a gap of nearly five months. Air India suspended flights to and from Tel Aviv, starting October 7, 2023, in the wake of the Hamas attack on the Israeli city.

Air India and Vistara, two major carriers, have opted to avoid Iranian airspace following the Indian government’s advisory urging citizens to steer clear of travel to Iran. As a result, they are now taking longer routes to ensure passenger safety and operational stability.

Vistara Air issued a statement regarding the change in flight path due to ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel. In the statement, Vistara Airlines said, “Due to the current situation affecting parts of the Middle East, we are making changes to flight-paths of some of our flights. Contingency routes, which are kept available to ensure operational continuity during such eventualities, are being used instead.”

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