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Additional responsibility for Amit Ray at LOT Polish Airlines

Posted : 13 September 2022 12:26:16 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Additional responsibility for Amit Ray at LOT Polish Airlines

Amit Ray, Director India, DACH Markets and Italy, at LOT Polish Airlines, has been additionally appointed as Head of Global Corporate and Strategic Sales at the Polish Star Alliance member with immediate effect.

The Global Corporate and Strategic Sales unit at LOT Polish Airlines is responsible for the creation, negotiation and administration of all global corporate contracts as well as for all key strategic decisions in the corporate travel segment.

The Global Account Managers, under Ray’s leadership, will manage relationships with corporate partners and their respective agencies of record, with industry consultants focused on corporate travel and fostering collaboration with trade organizations. The globally based team members will also focus on program efficiency, contribution to sustainability goals, improving the business travel experience and keeping contracted partners engaged and informed.

Ray has been working for LOT Polish Airlines since October 2014 and had a leading role in expanding its presence in the German-speaking market and Italy as well as spearheading the airline's successful market entry in India since 2019.

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