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Air India Boosts Customer Support with More User-Friendly Portal

Posted : 25 May 2023 12:15:26 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Air India Boosts Customer Support with More User-Friendly Portal

Air India has introduced a new digital customer support application on its website under the 'Contact Support' section to enhance and improve the customer experience. This is in line with Air India's five-year transformation programme, Vihaan.AI, which aims to provide a seamless, convenient, and best-in-class service delivery to its customers.

Customer support plays a crucial role in the customer’s journey, both before and after the flight. The transition to this new customer support portal is a significant step in the Airline’s journey to deliver an elevated customer support experience through a single integrated web-based system. The new system enables customers to seek personalised information, request services, share feedback and raise grievances, seamlessly. 

In the new system, customer queries are automatically routed to dedicated customer service teams with subject matter expertise to respond in a timely manner. This greatly enhances the quality of resolution and response time. This is also in sync with the inclusive vision of seamless customer experience that Air India is committed to offer as part of its transformation journey.

Rajesh Dogra, Air India’s Chief Customer Experience and Ground Handling Officer, said, “We are deeply committed to offering best-in-class experience to our customers. The introduction of this portal is a significant step towards strengthening our consumer support ecosystem. Customers can now simply log on to our website and raise their request or share feedback from a single touchpoint as against the legacy email-based support system. The new system also enables real-time tracking of the service requests which we believe will enormously enhance the customer interface experience with Air India. This initiative is another step, pivoting towards customer centricity as a mainstay of our transformation journey”.

During the initial phase of the launch, customers have started experiencing the benefits of the portal, with a more efficient turnaround time and expedited resolution. The portal is designed to be intuitive and hosts several self-serve options making it user-friendly.

Some important benefits of the portal are as under:

Accurate collection of essential information: The new customer service portal automatically prompts the customer for specific information efficiently, and enables customers to access tailored data, request services and raise concerns directly on the website.

Intuitive classification system: The user-friendly classification system let customers choose from five categories—Baggage, Flying Returns, Refunds, Compliments and Suggestions, and Others (Query, Request, Feedback). On submission, the customers receive a unique case identification number, allowing them to track the progress of their case in real-time.

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