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Brussels Airlines grows its intercontinental fleet with a 9th aircraft

Posted : 30 November 2021 04:44:23 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Brussels Airlines grows its intercontinental fleet with a 9th aircraft

Brussels Airlines goes for growth in Africa, its most important market. After reducing its intercontinental fleet from 10 to 8 aircraft in the context of its turnaround programme in 2020, Brussels Airlines now sees an opportunity for expanding its intercontinental offer again. As of June 2022, a 9th A330 will become operational in the Brussels Airlines fleet. With the extra capacity, the Africa expert of the Lufthansa Group will reopen the West African stations Conakry and Ouagadougou and add frequencies on its routes from Brussels Airport to Freetown, Monrovia, Banjul and Lomé.

“We always said that we would go for growth as soon as market conditions permitted. As we see a strong demand in the West African market, we want to take the opportunity to go for growth and invest in an expansion of our African network. The allocation of this aircraft to Brussels Airlines is a clear sign of Lufthansa’s trust in Brussels Airlines and confirms once again our position as Africa expert within the Lufthansa Group.”
Peter Gerber, CEO of Brussels Airlines

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