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EL AL to resume nonstop flights from Delhi and Mumbai this October

Posted : 27 March 2023 01:40:23 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

EL AL to resume nonstop flights from Delhi and Mumbai this October

Israel’s national carrier EL AL announced that it is all set to resume non-stop flight services from Delhi and Mumbai to Israel from late October 2023, after a gap of three years. EL AL will operate four non-stop weekly flights from Mumbai to Israel on the Boeing 737 with Economy and Business service classes, and two non-stop weekly flights to Delhi on either the Boeing 787 or 777. The flight ticket sale is starting in April 2023.

Air India is scheduled to increase their frequencies from existing 3 daily flights per week to 5 daily flights per week from 26th March 2023 on the New Delhi sector. In addition, they will be starting to operate direct flights from Mumbai and Bengaluru by June and Oct respectively with competitive prices.

According to Sammy Yahia, Director of tourism India and Philippines, “The new announcements from El Al and Air India will boost tourism from and to Israel. The new air corridor over Saudi Arabia and Oman is likely to stimulate growth in the aviation sector. The airlines from India will be able to offer more competitive prices and reduce the flying time to five hours direct flight making it easier for passengers to travel”.

Yahia also said that Israel is a country with a rich cultural, historical, and religious heritage, and is home to a variety of attractions that offer something for everyone. “Whether you are interested in history, culture, nature, or just looking for a unique experience, Israel is a destination that is sure to deliver,” he said.

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