Auxilia Networks acquires Australia based Jet Ski Safaris

Indian tourism consultancy firm Auxilia Networks has announced their latest client acquisition – Jet Ski Safaris, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Jet Ski Safaris is Australia’s premier provider of water-based soft adventure activities and owns the largest fleet of jet skis in Australia. Voted No.1 of 209 things to do on the Gold Coast by TripAdvisor, they also offer a wide range of watersports activities along with jet skiing, like jet-boating and parasailing.

Auxilia Networks founder & Principal Consultant, Paramjit Bawa said, “In our pursuit of working with best-in-class suppliers of experiences and products from around the world, we are absolutely delighted to announce the latest addition to our select portfolio of international clients – Jet Ski Safaris, from the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Not only are they the premier Australian watersports providers, but they do so with a deep commitment to the environment and the preservation of marine ecosystems and wildlife in their area.”

“We are thrilled to represent Jet Ski Safaris in India, marketing their fabulous offerings to the Indian travel trade (and by extension to their customers) via a hybrid model of trade engagement, training, collateral support and PR activity. They are a fantastic addition to our family of top-quality international partners and we take great pride in being chosen as their representatives in the India market,” added Bawa.

Auxilia Networks acquires Australia based Jet Ski Safaris 1

A statement released by Jet Ski Safaris said, “We are excited to announce a significant partnership with Auxilia Networks, India. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for us as we aim to expand our reach and enhance our offerings for visitors from India. The Indian market is of immense importance to us. With a growing number of Indian travellers seeking unique and adventurous experiences, our thrilling jet ski tours on the Gold Coast offer an unparalleled way to explore the stunning coastline and pristine waterways of this beautiful region, providing an unforgettable experience for our guests.”

“Our decision to partner with Auxilia Networks was driven by their deep understanding of the Indian market and their exceptional ability to connect international brands with Indian consumers. Their expertise in this field will enable us to develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate with Indian travellers, ensuring that they are aware of and excited about the unique adventures we offer. This partnership underscores our commitment to diversifying our customer base and tailoring our services to meet the specific needs and preferences of Indian visitors. We are confident that, with Auxilia’s support, we will be able to create memorable experiences for Indian tourists and strengthen our presence in this dynamic market. We look forward to welcoming more visitors from India and providing them with the thrilling and memorable adventures that Jet Ski Safaris is known for,” the statement added.

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