unveils new AI-powered bargaining function to book hotels, a subsidiary of EaseMyTrip has announced the implementation of cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions aimed at improving the hotel booking experience for both customers and hotel operators. As part of this development, has been rebranded to, reflecting the company’s commitment to integrating advanced technology into its platform. has rolled out several AI-driven enhancements that are transforming the way customers book hotels. On the supply side, AI is used to analyze market trends and hotel pricing, enabling more competitive and accurate rate offerings across all categories of hotels, including 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star, resorts, and villas. This technology-driven approach has been incorporated in response to growing customer demand for better pricing and more efficient booking processes.

One of the unique features of this AI integration is the ability to calculate average pricing for hotels in specific areas, offering users these competitive rates. If a customer opts for the AI-generated average pricing, there’s a significantly higher chance of securing the booking, with the help of the system’s intelligent matching capabilities. Additionally, cheQin allows users to specify their preferred check-in time, accommodating early check-ins and short stays such as day use or stays for a couple of hours. Through these advancements, is setting new standards for hotel operators, encouraging them to adopt more customer-friendly pricing strategies.

Venu G, Founder and CEO of, said, “We are excited to introduce new AI-powered solutions that will redefine the hotel booking experience for our users. Our goal is to leverage advanced technology to provide travelers with the best possible deals while setting new standards for hotel operators. By integrating AI into our platform, we ensure that our customers benefit from competitive pricing and enhanced booking efficiency, making their travel planning seamless and more affordable. is not just a booking platform; it’s a transformative travel companion that empowers users to explore the world with confidence and ease.”

With the integration of AI, ensures travelers receive the best possible deals by analyzing and comparing a multitude of pricing data, guaranteeing competitive rates and enhanced booking confidence. Travelers can effortlessly find prices tailored to their preferences and budgets, making travel planning smoother and more cost-effective. has always been at the forefront of travel industry innovation, and this AI enhancement reinforces its leadership position.’s unique bargaining feature, combined with AI-powered price calculations, offers a distinct advantage over other platforms. The app’s real-time bidding system ensures hoteliers constantly compete to provide the lowest prices, resulting in unbeatable deals for travelers. unveils new AI powered

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