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Goa launches 360 degree video interactive website

Posted : 07 March 2023 10:12:32 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Goa launches 360 degree video interactive website

Rohan Khaunte, Minister for Tourism, Goa inaugurated the World's first 360-degree video interactive website integration at the Goa Pavilion's participation in the Bolsa Turismo Lisboa, Portugal 2023 edition.

The new interactive 360-degree video integration can be accessed through the existing website. The visitors have many options to interact with this video integration. They can either click on a pop-up menu to a particular spot listed on the landing page or through hotspots that automatically pop up as you look around in 360 degrees. Video walkthroughs of key monuments and museums have also been integrated into the experience, with arrows to move in and out.

Another highlight of the new 360 videos interactive website is the VR toggle option if viewed from a VR headset. This enhances the visual experience many times, instilling the urge to visit the spot/destination.

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