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Hong Kong expected to announce end of hotel quarantine soon

Posted : 19 September 2022 09:15:31 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Hong Kong expected to announce end of hotel quarantine soon

Hong Kong may end hotel quarantine for inbound travellers in a move to strengthen the financial hub’s revival, according to reports.

An announcement is expected to come as soon as this week, with arrivals instead required to undergo self-monitoring for seven days, according to sources. The implementation date is undecided as it will affect existing operations for the airline and hotel industries.

Hong Kong, along with mainland China, has kept in place some of the strictest Covid measures in the world even as most countries in the region drop restrictions and open borders to travellers. With people arriving in the financial hub forced to spend three days in a designated hotel followed by four days of restrictions from bars and restaurants, questions have been raised about whether visitors will come to a proposed banker summit and the iconic Rugby Sevens tournament later this year.

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