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Mayal applauds Indian PM s webinar on developing tourism in the country

Posted : 14 March 2023 03:48:34 | By TWO Bureau | GNN BEAURO

Mayal applauds Indian PM s webinar on developing tourism in the country

Jyoti Mayal, President of the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) has called out the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s recent post-budget webinar on developing tourism in India on ‘Mission Mode’ as an encouraging step for the entire industry.

“The PM rightly pointed out the huge scope of tourism in our country in various segments including coastal tourism, beach tourism, mangrove tourism, Himalayan tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism, eco-tourism, heritage tourism, spiritual tourism, wedding destinations, sports tourism, and conference tourism,” said Mayal.

“In the breakout sessions that were discussed covering different topics, it comes out very loud and clear that the government is very keen to work in a private partnership with convergence. The discussions highlighted the face that ‘private sector can mobilize resources for infrastructure investment without burden on the government budgets,” she added.

The breakout sessions of the webinar included an enriching discussion on leveraging cultural heritage for tourism. “India, a land of 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and being a melting pot of culture deserves a plethora of inbound tourists to discover its multiple hidden gems. The Ministry of Tourism’s talks to develop infrastructure and at these sites to promote tourism and employment is a huge step forward,” the TAAI President remarked.

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