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Pure summer feeling sunny spots in Germany

Posted : 29 March 2023 01:40:03 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Pure summer feeling sunny spots in Germany

Sun and beach holidays are the most popular type of holiday for Indian travellers in 2023. Look no further than Germany’s nearly 1,200 kilometres of coastline and islands with their unspoilt natural beauty and long stretches of golden, sandy beaches to see some truly stunning landscapes. From the Wadden Sea National Park on the North Sea to Rugen Island with its magnificent white chalk cliffs on the Baltic Sea, there is a lot to discover. Travellers are spoilt for choice and do not need to venture far to escape the crowds and find some tranquillity.

Hidden beaches are often closer than one may think and can be found in the most unexpected places. Similarly, many beautiful lakes can be found all across the country such as the famous Lake Constance, the extensive Mecklenburg Lake District and the spectacular Lake Koenigssee nestled in the Bavarian alps. The GNTO’s global campaign Embrace German Nature showcases beautiful natural landscapes and sustainable holiday experiences in Destination Germany. It encourages travellers to venture off the beaten tracks to discover the country’s many beautiful outdoor highlights.

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