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The Czech Republic awarded the Safe Travels Stamp

Posted : 07 October 2021 11:01:52 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

   The Czech Republic awarded the Safe Travels Stamp

The Czech Republic has received the international mark "Safe Travels Stamp" awarded by the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC) and boasts the status of a safe destination. The CzechTourism National Tourism Office applied for the mark for the Czech Republic, which, based on documents from the Czech Chamber of Commerce, professional associations and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, developed a set of preventive safety and hygiene recommendations for individual tourism sectors.

"It's great that today's World Tourism Day is celebrated by the Czech Republic with the Safe Travels Stamp. I believe that the status of a safe tourist destination, by which the Czech Republic and Czech companies meeting Safe Travels standards will present themselves abroad, will bring other foreign tourists to the Czech Republic, "says Klára Dostálová, Minister for Regional Development.

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