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Tourist footfall at Mahakal Lok in Ujjain rises to 1 lakh daily

Posted : 16 March 2023 12:55:38 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Tourist footfall at Mahakal Lok in Ujjain rises to 1 lakh daily

Ujjain, the temple city, has been witnessing a massive influx of tourists since the opening of Mahakal Lok in November 2022. The Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee has reported a threefold increase in daily footfall, with over one lakh devotees visiting the temple on an ordinary day, and more than 1.5-2 lakh on weekends and holidays.

Ujjain is also home to several historic monuments, including the Ujjain Fort, the Kaliadeh Palace, and the Ved Shala Observatory, which was one of the oldest observatories in India. The city is also known for its vibrant street markets, where visitors can shop for local handicrafts, textiles, and other souvenirs.

This surge in tourists has prompted locals to convert their houses into homestay facilities to accommodate the influx of visitors. According to officials, the number of homestays in Ujjain is estimated to be more than 100, with more homeowners registering with the tourism department to offer homestay services.

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