EaseMyTrip Co-founder Challenges Dhruv Rathee to Political Debate

In recent developments, Prashant Pitti, one of the Co-founders of EaseMyTrip, has made a significant statement regarding the sharing of content from Dhruv Rathee, a prominent social media personality known for his critical views on the Indian government. Pitti’s stance reflects the company’s unwavering support for the government’s policies and initiatives.

EaseMyTrip has built a reputation for aligning itself closely with the government’s vision and has consistently demonstrated its allegiance. In light of this, Pitti has taken a proactive step by publicly expressing his dissatisfaction with sharing content that criticizes the Indian government.

Moreover, Pitti has gone a step further by challenging Rathee to a debate focusing on India’s progress under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. This challenge underscores EaseMyTrip’s commitment to fostering constructive dialogue and engaging in meaningful discussions on the nation’s development trajectory.

By issuing this challenge, Pitti aims to initiate a productive discourse that not only addresses any existing criticisms but also highlights the positive strides made by the government for the betterment of India. 

EaseMyTrip Co founder

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