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Brand new Indian authentic restaurant PRANA opens in Pattaya

Posted : 03 June 2023 01:46:17 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Brand new Indian authentic restaurant PRANA opens in Pattaya

Assamese entrepreneurs Hiranya Saikia and Mayuri Bhaishya have started an Indian restaurant which is a niche and fine dining restaurant in the popular tourist destination of Pattaya, Thailand.


The restaurant named PRANA offers no complicated menus, affordable pricing, quality and most importantly food cooked by experienced Indian chefs.


Dr Valmiki Hari Kishan, a distinguished fellow of International Hospitality Council London and Founder of Valmiki Travel and Tourism Solutions flew all the way to Pattaya enroute to Bali to attend Skal International Asia Congress scheduled between June 1-4. Dr Kishan said there is huge scope for Indian cuisine all over the world.

He had travelled to more than 75 countries everywhere where he has visited many Indian restaurants. According to Dr Kishan only few places has maintained good quality like at PRANA. The food menu available in PRANA covers all type of Indian cuisine from delicacies of North East to South India.  


The restaurant is located right opposite to Beverly Hills on Pattaya Sai2 Road.

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