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Estella Hale, Joins HotelIQ as Chief Commercial Officer

Posted : 07 June 2023 03:10:48 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Estella Hale, Joins HotelIQ as Chief Commercial Officer

HotelIQ – the leading business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform, which gives hoteliers access to accurate, consistent property data across siloed business operations, facilitating collaboration to identify new revenue opportunities has announced hospitality industry veteran, Estella Hale, as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Hale comes to HotelIQ with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, primarily working in leadership roles at various hospitality technology companies. As CCO at HotelIQ, Hale will be working closely with Founder and CEO, Apo Demirtas, to execute the company’s overall strategic vision and oversee commercial operations. Specifically, Hale will be leading the commercial and customer experience teams, overseeing product positioning and will be responsible for developing a go-to-market strategy that will maximize HotelIQ’s market share and ensure sustainable growth.

“I've chosen to join the team because HotelIQ Decision Cloud is a product that I am proud to represent and which I fully believe in,” said Hale. “Decision Cloud is not just a BI and analytics tool; the HotelIQ team has created a true collaboration platform that will help hotels break down the silos that have always existed between the revenue management, sales and marketing departments and, by doing so, enable them to work together, more effectively, to identify revenue opportunities.”

In her more than two decades in the travel industry, Estella has been widely recognized for her ability to guide technology companies through their initial launch phases, through to investment or acquisition. 

“Estella has an impeccable reputation in the hospitality technology industry and I’m very proud to have her leading our commercial team,” said HotelIQ Founder and CEO, Apo Demirtas. “I know that Estella’s in-depth industry knowledge, network of connections and experience in leadership enablement and innovation, will be key ingredients in our ability to establish HotelIQ as the expert in business intelligence in the minds of potential hotel clients, and, as a result, execute our ambitious plans for growth over the coming years.”

Prior to joining HotelIQ, Hale led strategic sessions at Deloitte’s Greenhouse, designed to accelerate innovation, inspire and advance teams to achieve their vision. In addition to her time at Deloitte, she has worked in executive leadership roles at leading hospitality industry companies including, SHR, iHotelier and Whiteboard Labs. Estella has a master’s degree in Technology Commercialization from Texas McCombs School of Business, which is the program that initially gave her the passion for the commercial leadership work that she is now so highly respected for.

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