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Radisson Hotel Group introduces new loyalty campaign

Posted : 26 May 2023 01:22:19 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Radisson Hotel Group introduces new loyalty campaign

Radisson Hotel Group has introduced its latest campaign, "Skip to Rewards”, showcasing the new benefits which members can access as part of the recently re-launched Radisson Rewards loyalty program. The campaign leverages the familiar "Skip Ad" button to illustrate how members can skip the lines to tap quickly into the range of benefits which Radisson Rewards now offers, making their experience not only more convenient but also more rewarding with each stay at a Radisson Hotel Group property.

Launched on May 25, Radisson Hotel Group's new loyalty campaign, "Skip to Rewards" addresses the typical challenges which customers face with traditional loyalty schemes. According to press release issued on the behalf of the company, external and internal data suggest that two-thirds of its members believe that traditional loyalty programs do not deliver what they promise, and only 22% of guests believe that loyalty program offers are relevant to their needs. Additionally, 78% of respondents preferred immediate access to benefits over accumulating points.

The "Skip to Rewards" campaign features relatable situations which illustrate the challenges many customers face with traditional loyalty programs and highlights the unique features that make the new Radisson Rewards program more rewarding. The campaign's objective is to boost awareness of the loyalty program’s exclusive benefits such as free nights, guaranteed best rates, fast track to the next status level, and complimentary room upgrades.

The creative campaign was developed using a fun, relatable tone in which Radisson Rewards breaks away from the typical and formulaic loyalty program approach and highlights how the program offers loyalty members a fresh approach to redeem their benefits. The campaign features four characters who experience different challenges with traditional loyalty programs, which are subsequently solved by becoming a Radisson Rewards member.

The experience of the first featured character, Laura, pokes fun at how earning a free night from a typical loyalty scheme can literally take a lifetime. As a new Radisson Rewards member in the present, Laura is already enjoying a free night at her preferred hotel.

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