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The Postcard Hotel announces partnership with Singapore Airlines

Posted : 03 June 2023 01:54:03 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

The Postcard Hotel announces partnership with Singapore Airlines

The Postcard Hotel and Singapore Airlines have announced their partnership and joined forces to provide a rewarding experience to KrisFlyer members.


The collaboration allows the Airline’s loyalty members to earn 2000 KrisFlyer miles, while also enjoying an exclusive launch offer of an additional complimentary night when staying for 3 nights at The Postcard Hotel. With approximately 6 million members, KrisFlyer has evolved into a leading rewards program with a lifestyle-centric focus.


Offering unparalleled luxury at its boutique hotels across India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, The Postcard Hotel has marked the dawn of a new era in luxury travel, where every aspect of a guest's stay is exquisitely fashioned to surpass expectations and provide an experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional hospitality.


“The Postcard Hotel and Singapore Airlines are united by a shared vision of providing unparalleled excellence and exceptional service to their consumers,” said Kapil Chopra, Founder and CEO, The Postcard Hotel. “This collaboration merges the expertise and unwavering dedication of two brands celebrated for their commitment to crafting unforgettable moments."


Renowned for its opulent and meticulously crafted properties, The Postcard Hotel seamlessly complements Singapore Airlines' distinguished reputation for delivering unmatched service and providing effortless travel experiences to its customers. With a surge in inbound leisure traffic from Southeast Asia in 2022-2023, this collaboration is perfectly timed to meet the growing demand for remarkable and enriching travel experiences.


Commenting on the partnership, Sy Yen Chen, General Manager India, Singapore Airlines added, “KrisFlyer has evolved from an airline loyalty programme to a travel and lifestyle-centric rewards programme that unlocks an entire universe of benefits for our customers. This partnership with a luxury brand like The Postcard Hotel not only reinforces our aim to create unforgettable memories for our valued KrisFlyer members but also gives them a new avenue to earn miles, even when they aren’t flying. We are very pleased and proud to have collaborated with The Postcard Hotel in what is surely going to be a very successful partnership.”

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