HRANI organizes event to showcase benefits of tech platform

Hrani workshop delhi

In a move towards innovation and empowerment, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India (HRANI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, spearheaded a workshop focused on NIDHI+ recently at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport.

NIDHI, (National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry), epitomizes the essence of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, leveraging technology to propel businesses forward. This pivotal platform stands as a beacon of opportunity for the hospitality and tourism sector, fostering ideation, sharing best practices, and facilitating connections with governmental bodies to streamline operations.

The workshop witnessed attendance from esteemed industry experts and dignitaries, including Chief Guest Rajendra Kumar Suman, Regional Director – North, India Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, along with Vinod Gulati, Vice-President; Amarvir Singh, Treasurer of HRANI; Pranay Aneja, Managing Committee member of HRANI, and others. Notably, Meenakshi Sumbly, Head of the Department at the Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition, Pusa, also graced the event.

Sumbly captivated the audience with her visionary insights into guest experience, emphasizing the critical roles of both front house and back house operations in ensuring customer satisfaction. She stressed the importance of integrating guest feedback as the primary component, alongside meticulous attention to room service, food, and classification standards.

Suman shared enlightening insights on the classification and re-classification processes, stressing the systematic approach required and advocating for eco-friendly practices and staff welfare. His guidance provided attendees with a roadmap for navigating the classification landscape with ease.

During the event, a comprehensive overview of the revamped NIDHI+ platform was shared, outlining its benefits and the incentives associated with classification.

Garish Oberoi, President of HRANI, commended the Ministry for its paperless classification process and urged hoteliers to undergo classification without delay, underscoring the importance of staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Additionally, Pritha Tripathi, Deputy General Manager, FICSI and former Scientist FSSAI shared insights on food safety and hygiene, emphasizing the critical role of maintaining high standards to ensure customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

In a nod to International Women’s Day, the event honored women trailblazers in the hospitality and tourism sector for their remarkable contributions.

This workshop marks a significant milestone in fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the hospitality and tourism industry. With NIDHI+ leading the way, the future of the sector shines brighter than ever before.

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