‘Impulsive Travel’ takes precedence: Young Indian globetrotters chase once-in-a-lifetime adventures

New research released by FINN Partners titled #FutureofTravel report explores how India’s under-35 globetrotters are reshaping the travel industry with new spending patterns. These young adventurers are not just ready to explore the world—they are redefining what travel means. Driven by impulsiveness, a readiness to splurge, and a quest for unique, immersive experiences, they are emerging as a powerful influence in the global travel market.

 The report delves into the spending behaviours of over 1,000+ Indian travellers, providing a detailed look at their preferences—from luxury accommodations and premium air travel to wellness and activities. This comprehensive study will forecast emerging trends and shine a light on the opportunities for businesses in travel, hospitality, and fintech to innovate and tailor their offerings. The report uncovers not just where and on what young Indians are spending their travel budgets, but also how they manage the financial aspects of their journeys. It also unveils their appetite for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, willingness to invest in premium air travel and desire for unique or hard-to-find gifts.

Impulsive Travel takes precedence Young Indian

“India’s burgeoning economy not only fuels its own growth but propels its citizens into the global wanderlust. As prosperity rises, so does the desire to explore. With a fast-growing economy as its engine, India has emerged as a significant contributor to the global leisure travel landscape. It is not just a leisure activity for young Indians; it’s an integral part of their lifestyle and financial planning. Through this report, our travel practice aims to support stakeholders in their endeavour to fulfill the emerging needs of this sector,” said Shivani Gupta, Managing Partner, FINN Partners, India.

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