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Antara unveils first dedicated Memory Care Home in Gurugram

Posted : 17 September 2022 03:19:41 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Antara unveils first dedicated Memory Care Home in Gurugram

Antara Senior Care, a part of the $5-billion Max Group, has announced its first dedicated residential Memory Care Home in Gurugram for holistic care of dementia patients. The one-of-its-kind facility, specially curated for seniors with ambulatory, neurological and ageing-related conditions, provides comprehensive neuro-cognitive care and wellness for dementia including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other cognitive disorder patients to help them live a life with dignity and comfort.

Antara announced its plan to invest Rs 300 crore over five years to expand its services to provide impetus for the demand for senior living facilities in India in July 2021. Since then, Antara Assisted Care has already spent close to Rs 50 crore (till June 2021).

Antara Residences for Seniors (including Antara Senior Living and Antara Purukul Senior Living) saw a turnover of Rs 187 crore in FY22, whereas Antara Assisted Care saw approximate revenue of Rs 20 crore for the same period.

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