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Assam launches new Tourism Policy 2022

Posted : 23 November 2022 10:47:13 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Assam launches new Tourism Policy 2022

To drive sustainable development in Assam, a new Tourism Policy 2022 was launched by Jayanta Malla Baruah, state Tourism Minister, in New Delhi on the sidelines of Assam Tourism Road Show 2022, hosted by the state tourism department.

The event also witnessed panel discussions, audio video presentations, cultural dance performances and B2B interactive sessions to invite entrepreneurs and investors to make the state their investment destination. 

Also present on the occasion were Rituparna Baruah, Chairman, Assam Tourism Development Corporation; Maninder Singh, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Tourism, Assam; Kumar Padmapani Bora, IRS, Secretary, Tourism and Managing Director, Assam Tourism Development Corporation; Atul Bora, Agriculture Minister, Assam; UG Brahma, Minister of Handloom and Textiles, Assam and Sanjoy Kishan, Minister of Labour and Employment, Assam.

The policy was prepared after extensive consultations with the World Bank and at every stage of its preparation, the view of stakeholders and industry experts has been given due weightage. The new policy has been laid out at an opportune time when the state stands at the threshold of new beginnings and replaces the five-year Tourism Policy of Assam, 2017.

The policy aims to guarantee and safeguard the effective standardisation of processes and practices, to foster uniformity which can result in sustainability and an overall improvement in the quality of tourism products.

“Our goal with this new policy is to enable the world to view it from the point of view of attraction. The presence of pristine water, forests, mountains and rivers provides the state with limitless possibilities in the field of tourism. The new tourism policy reflects the same goal. Assam is sure to enchant the traveler with what it has to offer at every nook and corner. For investors, we have also come up with special packages,” said Malla Baruah.

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