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Elan Experiences opens office in Delhi

Posted : 16 March 2023 12:12:42 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Elan Experiences opens office in Delhi

In line with its conviction-driven growth plans and development of capabilities that are designed to address its expansion into yet newer markets, Elan Experiences has now opened a new office in the national capital. The travel start-up and one of India’s most promising entrants into B2B wholesale marketplace, Elan’s Delhi office will be key to driving growth in the vast North, East and North-Eastern markets that encompass at least 20 states and Union Territories.

Announcing the opening of its newest office, Ami Parekh, Director, Elan Experiences, said, “Not just an office but a strong presence in terms of well-equipped office with an experienced and motivated staff was the need of the hour in order to efficiently cater to our trade partners in the vast North Indian market along with markets in the East and North East. We have that now. And I am so proud of my team in Delhi. They are the most professional and motivated cadre that I have seen in a long time with keen industry insights and years of experience in handling B2B bouquet of services.”

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