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FiturNext 2023, using tourism to help destinations develop,

Posted : 28 January 2023 09:16:38 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

FiturNext 2023, using tourism to help destinations develop,

FiturNext, an initiative of the FITUR Observatory and CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America, to promote good tourism practices that value sustainability, brings the fourth edition to a close with a series of discussions with public officials, regenerative tourism initiatives, and experts. FiturNext keynote speakers included Ecuador's tourism minister, Niels Olsen, and Colombia's vice minister, Arturo Bravo. More than 40 experts discussed how to revive the tourism industry. They all agreed that sustainability affects economic, social, and cultural growth.

Speakers and experts talked about how important regenerative tourism is in Latin America and the Caribbean. On top of that, Montalvo detailed the Development Bank of Latin America's top priorities in the areas of restorative justice and ecotourism. Catalonia's tourism chief, Marta Domènech, and Isabel Vidal Tomás discussed regenerative public policies. Responsible tourism roundtables included the Starlight Foundation, Apadrina un Olivo, Sentir el Alto Tajo, and the World Travel and Tourism Council.

The 2022 Challenge addressed the industry's accessibility issue. Predif has released a comprehensive travel guide for industry professionals and businesses. Tourism students across the country got together at the Observatory to discuss how to co-create a sustainable, self-regenerating destination that improves local quality of life.

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