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How to Stay Safe in Qatar During the World Sport Tournament

Posted : 28 November 2022 08:41:45 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

How to Stay Safe in Qatar During the World Sport Tournament

As the world’s largest sports tournament is underway in Qatar this month, the Middle East country of 2.9 million[i] is expected to host over 1.5 million international visitors[ii]. The competition takes place across eight close proximity-built stadiums offering football fans an unprecedented opportunity of attending more than one game a day.


Despite being a location which ranks low in terms of security and medical risk, Qatar has invested significant effort to further upgrade its medical, security and emergency response in preparation for the games. However, the scale of the event and the influx of people into Qatar require impacted organisations to plan for and mitigate, associated disruption and risks to ensure normal business operations. As the tournament is taking place across eight stadiums logistical demand is widespread, particularly with extremely high demand for accommodation, road transport, and public transport use. This is causing logistical challenges and leading to operational disruption for organisations. Additional considerations for organisations include cultural sensitivities, the potential for accidents and illnesses, risk of petty crime, cyber security concerns and other threats.


Gulnaz Ukassova, Security Director, Information & Analysis at International SOS commented, “Organisations should remain up to date during the tournament on all government directives related to entry requirements, business operations, road closures, and other restrictions. Local employees and international assignees should be briefed on the logistical and business disruption they will likely experience during the event. Visitors to Qatar should remain aware of the logistical considerations, cultural sensitivities, and security-related concerns they may encounter during their stay.”


Sebastien Bedu, International SOS General Manager, GCC adds, “Our previous experience in providing support to our clients during high profile world sports events in countries including Brazil, CIS countries, Tokyo, South Korea, Poland and the UK indicates that the situation may remain fluid during the course of the tournament. It's likely that there might be unforeseen challenges. Therefore, having regular communication with security experts and health professionals is a must to mitigate those risks.”

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