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India emerges as the global leader in travel in 2022 as per TLN survey

Posted : 02 August 2022 06:15:38 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

India emerges as the global leader in travel in 2022 as per TLN survey

India leads the Asia Pacific region in its intent to travel in the second half of 2022 with 50% Indians expressing the desire to spend more money on booking a vacation, according to the world’s largest survey of travel intentions from Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN) in a post-pandemic setting. 

While international travel still remains a point of contention among many, with only 15% respondents willing to travel abroad, 29% people are planning to vacation in India. India emerged as the global leader in domestic travel with 24% people undertaking at least one vacation every month, for which the global average stands at 11%. The country is also way ahead of its global counterparts in business travel with almost 18% Indians travelling for work within the country once a month.

The survey provides insight into the state of travel across 28 relevant markets. In terms of leisure travel, over 36% Indians are most likely to take road trips in 2022, followed by long weekends influencing 34% of Indians to travel. In terms of factors influencing travel behaviour, India is on a par with the global average, as at least 26% of Indians indicated that their destination of choice would be based on value for money, while 22% attributed it to a relaxing experience. 

“Interestingly, after two very turbulent and passive years, the global dynamics of travel look completely different from before. It is extremely encouraging to see this uptick in travel sentiment after a prolonged lull for a quicker sectoral recovery,” said Archana Jain, Managing Director, PR Pundit – a member company of the Travel Lifestyle Network.

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