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Indian team conducts adventure sports expedition in France

Posted : 08 January 2022 08:50:57 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Indian team conducts adventure sports expedition in France

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday flagged-in India’s first multi-dimensional adventure sports expedition in France, conducted by the National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (NIMAS). 

The expedition team carried out over 250 km of winter trekking in the Alps, which included the Tour De Mont Blanc trek covering the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

The expedition, held last November, was led by NIMAS director Colonel Sarfaraz Singh, and comprised 12 people - eight Army personnel and four youth from Arunachal Pradesh. Rajnath Singh distributed appreciation certificates and commended the team for completing the expedition without any injuries to the members. 

The team leader presented the ice-axe, marking the flagging-in of the expedition team, to the Raksha Mantri. 


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