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Israel plans huge investment to bring foreign and Indian filmmakers to nation

Posted : 05 August 2022 01:24:20 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Israel plans huge investment to bring foreign and Indian filmmakers to nation

A joint statement issued by Israel’s Ministries of Culture and Sports, Economy and Industry, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Tourism has announced the nation’s entry in the field of international film and television productions. As much as NIS 45 million ($13.7 million) has been allocated to encourage foreign productions in Israel.

The financial aid will be given by the governmental ministries to strengthen Israeli production companies operating in cooperation with foreign production companies in the nation. Over the next two years, the special collaboration will grant reimbursement for production expenses of up to 30% to foreign productions of movies and TV series that are filmed in Israel. 

"Israel is a treasure trove for international film productions, in all formats. With existing facilities, production services and infrastructure, a host of skilled professionals, and an available pool of graduates from the world's leading film schools, Israel should be on the list of every Indian filmmaker. In 2017, Dharma Productions chose to film the song ‘Makhna’ with Jacqueline Fernandes and Sushant Singh Rajput in Tel Aviv.  This is the first step that was taken by the Israel Ministry of Tourism in India, which generated a lot of interest from the Indian film industry to shoot in different parts of Israel. I hope this new initiative from different ministries will pave the way for more opportunities to bring Indian productions to Israel,” said Sammy Yahia, Director of Tourism to India and Philippines.

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