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Jammu to have first aeroplane restaurant at Kud

Posted : 09 August 2022 09:05:50 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Jammu to have first aeroplane restaurant at Kud

Retired aircraft will serve as a restaurant in Jammu’s Kud area.

According to reports, the plane is being brought from Chennai and the property owners have decided to place it near ‘Tammatar Mod’ at Kud. The restaurant is expected to not only add to attractions in the city but will also provide employment in the area.

The travel fraternity is excited about it. Ajay Khajuria, former director, tourism, Jammu, said: “Good to see the forward surge by Jammu’s tourism entrepreneurs! Specialised engineers will put the restaurant together and the interiors will take about three to four months to be ready.”

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