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Ministry of Tourism prepares for G-20 Sherpa Summit

Posted : 26 November 2022 08:21:01 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Ministry of Tourism prepares for G-20 Sherpa Summit

The Ministry of Tourism has organised a two-day sensitisation programme in Udaipur for travel trade stakeholders to strengthen preparatory arrangements for G20 Sherpa Summit in the city.

On November 22, more than 100 representatives from IITG, State Guide, Temple Pandit, IITFC, travel agents, tour operators, hotel front office and food & beverages and others attended the programme.

Similar programmes were held for Udaipur airport frontline staff. On November 23, the programme was targeted at auto coach taxi drivers, boatmen, souvenir shop owners, IITG, IITFC, hotel frontline staff and others.

The Regional Director called on the District Collector and apprised of the initiatives and also discussed various publicity options during G20 Sherpa Summit. On the occasion, Regional Director (North) Anil Oraw said: “Mewar has inherited hospitality, natural lakes and beautiful hills. Rajasthan's motto sentence Khamma Ghani and Padharon Mhare Desh has to be translated into reality in the coming days in front of the G-20 members coming from every corner of the globe.”

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