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Ocean Conference: Save the Ocean, Protect the Future

Posted : 19 May 2022 06:59:01 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Ocean Conference: Save the Ocean, Protect the Future

Portugal will host the United Nations’ Ocean Conference, in Lisbon, from June 27 to July 1. Aiming to ‘Save the Ocean, Protect the Future’, the conference is a co-organisation between the UN and the governments of Portugal and Kenya.

The conference, as well as the associated special events, call for the participation of states, civil society and partners from the business and associative sector, urging them to take an active role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Protect Marine Life’ and to commit to the sustainability of marine resources.

At a critical and decisive moment for the planet, Portugal is committed to highlighting the nexus between the climate and the ocean. It is necessary to protect the ocean to guarantee the future. In this context, the conference takes place at an ideal time to stimulate new habits and a sustainable blue economy, based on innovative solutions based on science, on more environmentally-friendly technologies and on the sustainable use of marine resources, protecting biodiversity and reducing pollution.

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