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Raj Singh appointed chairman of West Bengal River Tourism Sub-Committee

Posted : 22 September 2022 06:27:33 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Raj Singh appointed chairman of West Bengal River Tourism Sub-Committee

West Bengal has declared River Tourism as one of the prime sectors of tourism in the state. The state has announced the name of Raj Singh, founder-chairman of Antara River Cruises, as chairman of the West Bengal River Tourism Sub-Committee.

The state government recently constituted a State Tourism Task Force to unlock and augment tourism potential in West Bengal. It also formed a separate sub-committee on each of the prime sectors under tourism for a focused and planned approach. One among the six prime sectors is River Tourism – a much needed encouragement for the growing travel segment.

A renowned authority on Indian wildlife and a travel industry pioneer, Raj Singh started Antara River Cruises almost 10 years ago for special interest travel. The small luxury boutique ships sail bespoke journeys along the Ganga, showcasing a world of culture and art that otherwise lies hidden with traditional modes of land transport.

“Clinching an independent space beside Heritage and Cultural Tourism, Adventure Tourism, MICE Tourism, Rural and Tea Tourism and Eco Tourism, we are elated that River Tourism has been recognised as an important stakeholder of the tourism narrative of the state. River cruising has unique opportunities in our country. The trick is to have low volume and low impact, slow tourism upon a river cruise, to ensure the experience is unparalleled. This is one delicate sector that cannot benefit from a mass tourism strategy. Rivers of the subcontinent have been the cradle of civilization and society since time immemorial. One can joyfully explore the untouched aspects of history, culture, traditions, and wildlife,” said Singh.

The sub-committee is tasked with deliberating on the needs and issues of River Tourism, in particular identifying areas of promotion, developing strategies to achieve set goals, exploring avenues for private sector participation, implementing national and global best practices, he added.

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