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Spatial designer Neeraj Bhandoola acquires The LuxePass app

Posted : 15 January 2022 08:01:29 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Spatial designer Neeraj Bhandoola acquires The LuxePass app

The LuxePass, a lifestyle app founded by Yash Malik that provides non-resident guests the luxury to access hotel amenities at affordable rates, has recently been acquired by Neeraj Bhandoola at an enterprise valuation of Rs 3.96 crore.

Bhandoola is a renowned spatial designer who has worked on noteworthy projects for IRCTC, among other companies, with the most prestigious being ‘The Maharaja’s Express’ as well as the ‘Maharaja Luxury Lounge’.

As international travel has taken a big hit post the COVID pandemic, Bhandoola sees the acquisition as a great opportunity to capitalise on the travel and hospitality industry, as people are now looking for recreational options within their country or city.

Bhandoola is committed to take The LuxePass to more metropolitan cities, tier A and B cities as well as tourist-centric parts of Asia and Europe with his investor network. “The LuxePass will broaden the mental horizon of the Indian population through a higher and affordable standard of living,” he said

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