PM Modi inaugurates terminal buildings in Gwalior, Jabalpur; Scindia says plans underway in state for 6 more airports

PM modi inaugurates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the terminal buildings of Gwalior and Jabalpur airports in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, and other ministers were also present for the event at Gwalior airport.

During his speech, Yadav emphasised that the inauguration of the new airport in Gwalior, named after Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia and orchestrated under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, marks a significant milestone in India’s development trajectory.

Addressing the gathering, Scindia highlighted that Madhya Pradesh currently has only four airports, but plans are underway to increase this number to 10 in the near future. He further elaborated that the terminal at Jabalpur airport spans across 1 lakh square feet.

Scindia also outlined plans for the establishment of new airports in Rewa, Satna, and Datia, with subsequent development projects slated for Ujjain, Guna, and Shivpuri. Currently, Madhya Pradesh sees approximately 1,000 flights operating each week, a substantial increase from the previous count of 490 flights.

In a tweet posted on ‘X’, Scindia heralded India’s historic moment of inaugurating 15 airport terminals simultaneously, reported Financial Express.

“The inauguration or laying the foundation stones of terminal buildings of Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Airport in Gwalior and 14 other airports by the prime minister made this day historic forever in the history of Indian aviation,” he wrote in the post. Highlighting the remarkable feat, he noted the speedy completion of the Gwalior airport within just 16 months, underscoring its historic significance.

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