STAAH launches new Travel Agent & Corporate Travel module for hoteliers

STAAH, a leading New Zealand-based hospitality solutions provider, that has been transforming the hospitality industry in India for over a decade with its tech solutions, has launched an innovative module – Travel Agent & Corporate Travel (TACT).

STAAH’s TACT module, available with its Max V2 software package, empowers hoteliers to automate their corporate and travel agent bookings, saving them time and effort while aligning the booking opportunities from agents/bookers, highlighted a press release issued on the behalf of the company.

“Through our continued interaction with our hospitality clients in India, we found that hoteliers struggle with optimising revenues and ensuring profitability when juggling multiple platforms and manual processes. By providing a dedicated dashboard designed as per the specific needs of travel agents and corporate bookers, TACT eliminates these hassles. Being a centralised solution, it ensures an efficient workflow allowing hoteliers to focus instead on delivering other miscellaneous services to their guests,” said Shoaib Ali, National Sales Head at STAAH.

Staah launches news travel module

The ability to cancel bookings directly through the dashboard further eases up the operations, reducing administrative burdens and minimizing costly errors. The login credentials, however, remain consistent across all properties, simplifying the authentication process. “The exclusive access to special rates and discounts enables hoteliers to reward their valued travel partners, fostering stronger relationships and driving increased bookings,” added Ali.

Among the key advantages of TACT are its ability to offer real-time availability and pricing information and ensuring that travel agents and corporate bookers have access to the most up-to-date rates and room inventory. Through this module, each travel agent or corporate booker is provided with unique URLs for different properties, ensuring seamless access and personalized experiences.

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