The Earth at Ranthambore becomes fully operational

The Earth at Ranthambore becomes fully operational

The Management of The Earth at Ranthambore in Rajasthan, offering sustainability as a way of life, has announced the commencement of full operations as Ranthambore’s only property where eco-conscious luxury meets wilderness.

With the addition of 12 new, healthy, durable, energy-efficient, and fireproof rammed mud and cob Earth Cottages, made largely from the soil as well as Wooden cottages, The Earth at Ranthambore now boasts a total of 37 mud, wooden & limestone cottages spread across nearly 5 acres of lush greenery.

Rohit Pareek, Managing Director, The Earth at Ranthambore said “Our purpose was to not disturb the local ecology, but rather blend people with it. Therefore, these Mud Cottages are built with natural and sustainable materials sourced from in and around the site. Our organic, self-insulated, energy-efficient rammed mud and cob Earth walls ‘breathe’ so they counteract humidity, and they naturally maintain a stable internal temperature throughout the seasons, giving the feeling that you are on an Earth stay”.

Designed by famous Architect, Winner of the first Laurie Backer award, Urban Designer, and Heritage Conservator Eugene Pandala, The Earth at Ranthambore offers lush green surroundings, a swimming pool (Taranaalya), an all-day multi-cuisine restaurant (Tattva), and a recreation hall.  One can experience the colours of Rajasthan at Raasa, the open dining venue, or witness captivating folk performances and wildlife documentaries at Kriya, the open-air amphitheater or relax and rejuvenate at the spa, Sattva.

The resort boasts seven categories of rooms all with welcoming verandahs with a green view. Other features of the rooms include:

1. Ambar Villa’s (5)- organically designed and built using the ancient cob earth technique with mud, straw, lime walls and oxide floors. It consists of a king size bed on the ground floor and a twin sized bed on the mezzanine floor, a specious verandah overlooking the resort’s own stretch of Miyawaki forest. It also has an open-to-sky shower.

2. Neer cottages (8) – Made with cob earth technique this intimate mud cottage redefines luxury offering a private indoor pool just a few steps away from the large bed and a personal sit-out ideal for honeymooners and couples seeking an enchanting escape without compromising on style or functionality.

3. Vayu Villa’s (4)- A majestic duplex mud villa crafted entirely from rammed mud and cob Earth, with a king-size bed on the ground floor and two cozy twin-sized beds on the mezzanine floor, an open-to-sky shower as well as an enchanting view of the private forest.

4. Tejas cottages (8)– A sustainably crafted mud haven with an open-to-sky shower. These cottages offers rustic charm, modern comfort and a direct connection to the elements. 

5. Dhara Rooms (4)- Epitome of sustainable luxury these stunning cottages are crafted entirely from stone and lime with oxide-finished floors and a personal sit out.

6.Vanam Cottages (4) – exclusive unique wooden cottages overlooking a tranquil pond, an open-to-sky shower and an enchanting blend of modern comfort and natural serenity.

7.Anantam Rooms (4) – elegant stone and lime mortar rooms with wooden flooring, blending rustic charm with modern sophistication, a lavish bathtub, a kitchenette and a private balcony overlooking the serene surroundings.

A 5-hour drive from the National Capital Region (NCR) of New Delhi, the resort is conveniently located 600 meters from the Ranthambore National Park and 10 km from the Railway Station, and 4 km from The Trinetra Ganesh temple.

“We recycle or reuse materials from different stages of the build where possible, for example, boxing for floor slab can be reused as a bond beam on top of walls. We also source materials locally where possible and suitable, reducing carbon emissions” further added Pareek.

One of the amazing features of these structures is that they are naturally insulated, making them comfortable without using artificial instruments. The structures are healing and healthy as no irritant chemicals are used during construction; hence allergies will be kept at bay, and the natural environment will renew your senses.

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