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Luxury travel market shows upward trend

Posted : 01 June 2022 10:25:27 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

Luxury travel market shows upward trend

With the Covid pandemic receding, consumer travel in the luxury travel market has been showing an upward trend, according to the latest report of ‘Luxury Travel Market Trend’. A boom has been noticed in private aviation services for high-end travellers, remote working overseas locations and demand for large villas and boutique hotels.

Despite the demand for luxury travel, there is a growing demographic of socially conscious, high-net-worth consumers who are rejecting overt displays of wealth in favour of inconspicuous and responsible consumption. Their approach to luxury is driven by ethical living, artisanship, authenticity and sustainability. Experience is the new currency for these holidaymakers, who seek self-fulfilment through greener travel and eco holidays, while wanting to “do good” for people and the planet. If luxury travel brands ignore this trend, it could put them at tremendous risk of total disconnect with an audience who are looking for sustainable options.

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