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TAAI convention in Sri Lanka to be rescheduled for July

Posted : 07 April 2022 07:42:12 | By TWO Bureau | GNN Bureau

TAAI convention in Sri Lanka to be rescheduled for July

Reeling from an economic crisis, Sri Lanka has proposed that the TAAI convention, set to be held there this year, be rescheduled for July 19 to 22, from April 19 to 22.

Jyoti Mayal, President of TAAI, confirmed that the convention has been postponed, and said dates are yet to be finalised.

“Lots of concerns raised by our members… we always support tourism in all friendly countries. At this point, when our neighboring country friends are facing scarcity of daily necessities, we don’t want to go and utilise their resources. At this time, they need our full support and we stand by them. We all have decided to postpone the event and will inform about the new schedule soon,” she said.

A tripartite decision on the subject was taken in a meeting between the Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism, SLAITO, and TAAI.

“This is a tri-party decision between TAAI, Sri Lanka Tourism and SLAITO due to the current situation in the country. We all have decided to postpone the TAAI convention originally scheduled for April 19 to 22, and it has now been proposed by the Sri Lanka side for July 19 to 22,” informed Darshana Cabraal, executive member, SLAITO.

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